Lederhosen Peter (100% suede leather)

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Choose these lederhosen (like all other lederhosen if you want top quality). We are not the cheapest but offer top quality. Not for nothing 100 days exchange warranty and one year of official product warranty.  

Genuine lederhosen made from 100% thick cowhide leather. Handmade for lederhosenwinkel.nl with special and exclusive details. This Lederhosen Peter is the short version of the standard three-quarter lederhosen. Are you expecting a warmer period or do you like to walk with shorter pants, then this Lederhosen Peter is really something for you. Beautifully finished with lighter stitching and of course with suspenders. The braces and the lederhosen can be adjusted so that the fit is perfect.

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Lederhosen Peter (100% suede leather)

Lederhosen Peter. This Lederhosen Peter is a dark brown short lederhosen made of 100% cow leather. Available in different sizes and of course the traditional leather suspenders are included. The striking stitching makes for a nice combination with the dark brown leather.

The lederhosen are made of 100% cowhide leather and have the following fit (they normally fall out). Keep in mind that you have the necessary leeway for the liters of beer that go into it;). Little bit of course, but keep in mind that you do not measure too tightly:

MaatJeans maatMiddelomvangHeupomvangDijbeen omvang
46 28 77 cm 97 cm 62 cm
48 30 82 cm 101 cm 63 cm
50 32 87 cm 105 cm 64 cm
52 33/34 92 cm 109 cm 66 cm
54 36 97 cm 113 cm 67 cm
56 38 102 cm 117 cm 68 cm
58 40 107 cm 121 cm 69 cm
60 42 112 cm 125 cm 71 cm
62 44 117 cm 128 cm 72 cm
64 46 122 cm 132 cm 73 cm
66 48 127 cm 136 cm 74 cm
68 50 132 cm 140 cm 75 cm

This 100% leather pants in natural colors (dark brown) is the real original Lederhosen, namely with short legs. The Lederhosen is lined so you do not suffer from heat or sweat. That's nice because a suede pants can NOT be put in the washing machine. These pants were traditionally worn by the workmen in Germany, day and night. Only on special occasions were the shorts exchanged for the Lederhosen with three-quarter pipes. These are available from us under the name Anton (brown) or Markus (black).

Wear comfort Lederhosen Peter

Because of the shorter legs you have more room to move than with Lederhosen Anton and Markus. And that is also logical because it concerns work pants. In principle, the pants will feel a bit stiff. Just like with leather shoes, you have to wear the pants a few times before they adapt to your body. After work has been done, it is good to relax with a mug of German beer and then you also have to have the space to belly out. This offers Lederhosen Peter completely. Behind the front, the fly is covered with a few buttons. So if you have to, you have to be on time.

Braces and pockets in Lederhosen Peter

To ensure that you do not lose your wallet while sagging, the Lederhosen is provided with a back pocket with button closure. On the photo you can see this well, just like the adjustable belt. The light stitching is a little more modest than at the Anton Lederhosen, but just enough to clearly show that this is not just a short pair of leather pants. For the real Lederhosen look, braces are included. These are attached to the pants with buttons.

Combine with Lederhosen Peter

The short Lederhosen has a sporty look and is therefore very suitable for summer mountain hikes and other outdoor events. Wear it with a cotton shirt or T-shirt and of course long socks. They are not only good against mosquitoes and nettles but are worn traditionally with the Lederhosen and Alphen Schoenen. Anyone who prefers a black lederhosen, opts for the equally short Lederhosen Herman or the longer Lederhosen Peter. Click on the image for a larger view.


De lederhosen zijn gemaakt van 100% rund leer en hebben de volgende pasvorm (ze vallen normaal uit). Hou er rekening mee dat je de nodige speling houdt voor de liters bier die erin gaan ;). Geintje natuurlijk maar hou er wel enigzins rekening mee dat je niet te strak opmeet.

Belangrijkste factor is je jeansmaat, dat past vrijwel altijd.

MaatJeans maatMiddelomvang (rond de navel)Heupomvang
46 28 78-81 cm 94-97 cm
48 30 82-85 cm 98-101 cm
50 32 86-89 cm 102-105 cm
52 34 90-94 cm 106-109 cm
54 36 65-99 cm 110-113 cm
56 38 100-104 cm 114-117 cm
58 40 105-109 cm 118-121 cm
60 42 110-114 cm 122-125 cm
62 44 115-119 cm 126-129 cm
64 46 120-125 cm 130-133 cm
66 48 127-131 cm 134-137 cm
68 50 132-135 cm 138-141 cm
70 52 136-139 cm 142-145 cm
72 54 140-143 cm 146-149 cm
74 56 144-147 cm 150-153 cm
76 58 148-151 cm 154-156 cm

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Material Koeienleer
Maat 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62, 64, 66, 68
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