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About Us

Hi Everyone, I am Pim and I love to wear Lederhosen, But the thing that I love the most is the whole phenomenon of having fun at Oktoberfest. I got to know that Oktoberfest, at Netherlands, is also known as Beer-Festival and the most amazing thing about Oktoberfest is that people belonging to every age-group can enjoy over there, even it is fun for children and old people as well. In short, we can also say that it is a festival where we see amiability at its peak. The crowd is also entertained by the musicians, hanging around them to play anything liked by the people. Even, I sometimes can’t stop myself from singing. However, it is not my specialty.

How it Initiated?

Once, I planned to visit Oktoberfest along with my friends. We were never been there before, so we did not even plan for clothing or anything else, the only nothing that was in our minds at that moment was to drink lots of beer. That party was so full of fun and enchantment, I thought of wearing a proper dress code (uniform/suit). Being a student, I planned to buy a nice looking dress that gives eye-catching look too. What I got to wear at the Festival was a plastic case with some leather accents. The event was about to approach, so I decided not to waste time, thinking too much regarding clothing. Half an evening later, I came to know that pockets of my trousers were torn and I lost my phone in the crowd. Next morning, we threw the trousers away and contacted the organization to check if my phone was found? Fortunately, that was the case. All in all, it was again a nice evening and I got to know all kinds of nice people, including an older couple that wanted to provide shelter for me and my complete football team next year for free. Haha.

Quality is the Priority

Next year brings new festival once again, the previous year experience was full of fun and we could not resist ourselves to from being the part of the festival once again. So, we bought some trousers to attend Oktoberfest. We looked for the best quality and visited many suppliers as well because our first priority was premium-quality stuff. Some friends also asked me to buy trousers for them and they liked the trousers I bought for them. After the Summer as a joke, we planned to open up a webshop of lederhosen. Agreements were made with the suppliers and I contacted various suppliers for placing the orders. In a few months, the webshop started and many issues got resolved regarding renovation as well. The thing that I started as fun has now become one of my side business. In the meantime, to maintain the quality, I started looking for manufacturers to join my team and it was also done successfully. We focus on providing and maintaining the best quality, so we don’t even worry about the offer of one year warranty and 100 days replacement time. As we know that, people love, what we create and we create everything with genuine material.

The Passion for lederhosen is still there and increasing with the time, so we always keep on updating new news and products at our webshop on regular basis. If you have got any suggestions regarding the webshop, your effort for doing so will be highly appreciated.


"We’re famous"  This was in the Gelderlander (Dutch newspaper).