Trachten Waistcoat


Some people don’t want to wear full jacket, this outfit is for them, it looks like a vest that is worn under a suit and it is made up of amazing material that keeps you warm. As compared to an ordinary vest it is more fit and made up of leather or velvet, that keeps you warm in winter. This vest gives you a totally different look. This vest is available in pure leather colors like brown or greyish brown.

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  1. Trachtenvest Gunther
    Trachten vest Gunther
    Vanaf £ 133.90
  2. Trachtenvest Peter
    Trachten vest Peter
    Vanaf £ 89.00
  3. Trachtenvest Paul
    Trachtenvest Paul
    Vanaf £ 1,580.00
  4. Trachtenjanker Erwin
    Trachten jacket Erwin
    Vanaf £ 343.90
  5. Trachtenvest
    Trachten vest Leon
    Vanaf £ 238.90
  6. Trachtenvest Jonas
    Trachtenvest Jonas
    Vanaf £ 1,590.00
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6 producten

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How to wear a Trachten vest?

The Trachtenvest is worn as a replacement of the suspenders. This makes you look pretty handsome and amazing. Traditionally, a vest gives you entirely different look as compared to the suspenders, you can even attend a wedding or a birthday party while wearing vest, a neutral shirt and a pair of sturdy mountain shoes. But in case of jacket or coat, you look traditional but handsome as well. But it’s not an outfit that suits for occasions, while vest is best fit for the non-traditional events as well.

Desired look with Trachten Waistcoats

The Trachten vests at are available in classic and modern style, the choice is yours.  The classic variant is made of suede with a nice piping and shiny buttons. But the fabrics or velvet mountain gowns are, like the costume gilets, with a shiny back. That is really smooth and even a bit nonchalant. It gives you stunning appearance just like a brave man. Collar-less waistcoats with top buttons makes you look a bit tough looking guy. It also looks nice, if you wear it with a T-Shirt. 

Which size do I have to take?

Planning to purchase vest? Hold on, take correct measures of your shoulders and chest to get the perfectly fine size. Are you worried because of bulky looking belly? Try our vest because it can really help you to hide your belly. If this does not fit in your scenario, and your lederhosen drop down without braces, try wearing a belt. then wear a belt. As your vest comes over the belt, so you can wear belt in any color. Now, it’s time for making shirt- selection. If you are confused, try our store, where you will find wide range of shirts.