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The webshop with the largest collection of top quality lederhosen for affordable prices

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  1. Echte lederhosen Anton
    Lederhosen Anton - 100% leather
    As low as £118.90
  2. Lederhosen Rudi geitenleer
    Goat leather Lederhosen Rudi (100% goat leather)
    As low as £199.00 Regular Price £343.90
  3. Lederhosen-set-zwart-blauw
    Lederhosen set B (black pants + blue shirt)
    As low as £147.00 Regular Price £162.00
  4. Korte lederhosen bruin en rood overhemd set
    Lederhosen set G (Peter pants + red shirt)
    As low as £147.00 Regular Price £162.00

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The traditional Lederhosen is a short or half-length leather pants with suspenders. You may know him from vacation, because these short leather pants with stitching and suspenders are originally from southern Germany and are also widely worn in the Alps. It is in fact a really nice, durable hiking pants for in the mountains. Traditionally, farmers and hunters used to wear sun pants, because leather is hard-wearing and easy to keep clean. Another advantage of these pants is that they fit like a glove. In the end. Because a new pair of pants will still feel stiff, but after a while it will start to mold completely to your body.

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The fact that the Lederhosen is also popular in the Netherlands is probably because we also discovered the fun of the Oktoberfest here. A traditional beer festival in Germany where beer is consumed in liter cans (called a maB) and visitors walk around in, yes, Lederhosen. The waitresses, mostly robust German ladies, are dressed in a dirndl. This is a tiroler dress that is tied up at the waist, often with laces and therefore pushes the bust up considerably. Handy detail: the button in her apron shows if she is busy, single, virgin or widow.

Ladies in lederhosen

But it would not be 2019 if the ladies also wanted to be dressed in Lederhosen instead of Dirndl. That is why, in addition to the usually dark-colored Lederhosen for men, there are now also cheerful, pink-tinted specimens for women. Who dares?

Matching accessories

An Lederhosen naturally also includes an Alpine shirt, alpine shoes and alpine socks. And that's why we sell it too. That's easy for you! Shirt and Lederhosen even as a set, but everything can also be ordered separately. Our stuff comes directly from Germany, which means we deliver high quality at a very competitive price. Lederhosen van de Authentic and traditional!

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