We love safe payment. If we order certain things ourselves online, we love to use a secure payment without any problems, which is why we offer only those payment options that we ourselves also support.

With iDeal you pay directly through your own bank and we get the amount directly on our account. Benefit for you: we immediately start with your order.


You can also manually transfer the amount to us. We will send your order as soon as the money is on our account.


Mr. Cash is especially a handy solution for the Belgian payer. Here too, we receive the amount almost immediately so that we can handle the order faster.



Do you prefer to pay with your PayPal account? That is of course no problem. We see it as a direct payment so you can be sure that your order will be processed immediately.




Creditcard lederhosenwinkelDo you use a credit card in daily life? Also no problem. Easy and fast!



Achteraf betalen lederhosenwinkelDo you prefer to pay only after you have received the products? Also no problem. Keep in mind that there is a slight delay because a so-called credit check will have to be done automatically.



Questions about the payment options or do you have a company and would you like to receive an invoice? No problem, use the form below for the possibilities: